Exercising the dog

Fancy a quick walk to run the woof or get a bit of fresh air before breakfast?

These easy routes are right on your doorstep, and there are no hills to climb, rivers to wade through, or swamps to get stuck in.  You'll only need light footwear, and the routes are not normally muddy.

1.  Really simple.  It's right in front of you!

See that field opposite the caravan site? 

It takes 5 to 10 minutes to walk around, and is roughly half a mile. 

Please keep dogs under control along the bottom edge of the field from Septermber to January, as there may be pheasants in the wood.  There are usually horses in the adjoining field too.

2.  A bit more adventurous.

In the far left-hand corner of the field in front of the caravan site, is a gap through to a swampy paddock full of reeds.  Turn right (boots might be an advantage here, definietly in winter), and follow the track over the stream and up to short cinder track to the field ahead.. Keeping the railway on your left, follow the edge of the field to the the phone mast, and keep going along the hedgerow to your right.

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Updated August 2020