Totteridge Farm, 1932

Totteridge Farm from the farm drive c.1950s

The pond Totteridge Farm, c. 1930

David Brown Cropmaster, driven by George Wells, c. 1950

The three brothers, George, Jasper and David, bought the tractor unkown to their father, Frank.

A farm visit to admire the new barn, c. 1965

Totteridge Farm, 1932

The dairy in action, probably early 1960s

Children on a log... 1930s or 40s

William Edwin Wells and Mary Jane Wells.  William died in 1923, so this photograph must date back to the early 1900s

Swans on the pond, pre 1950, possibly much earlier

A young David Wells with his maternal uncle from Winsford, Somerset. c. 1940.  We still have the bench frame awaiting new timber slats!

Jasper, George and David Wells, c.1940

Mobile winnowing machine. This photo is dated 1925

George and David Wells, with two cousins from Winscombe c.1938

Contractor's tractor with front loader (and headlight!) with Frank Wells overseeing.  Guess c.1950.

Evacuees from the Home counties during WW2

Unknown chap, unknown date!

Martinsell Hill, c.1930s... some things never change!

Ginny Hallett, Uncle ?? from Somerset, Frank Wells, David Wells and Amy Wells (married to Frank). 

Milking done!

Feeding the poultry, with the water-meadows behind, c.1938

Jasper and David Wells in front of the house, c.1938.

Believed to be the parents of William Edwin Wells, probably late 1800s.  My guess is that he had a slightly better sense of humour than she did!  Names will follow in due course!

David Wells, a school photograph from the late 1930s...                   and as a young farmer, around 1965.

The magic of hydraulic lifting!

A newer bridge to the island on the pond, perhaps c.1940

Amy Wells with unkown relative, with a young George

Checking the cattle, 1960s

Amy Wells with her sons, David (L) and Jasper(R)

Captain, Flower and Darkie, Shire horses

The first car at Totteridge Farm

Unknown driver with hay rake, pulled by Flower.

Unknown L, Jasper Wells, George Wells, Unknown R

The pond at Totteridge Farm, probably c. 1940s, and still very recognisable today.

Jasper, Frances, David and George Wells, c.1940. 

Haymaking, probablt c. 1940.  We still have the cast iron wheels from the elevator but the rest is gone!

Elegant cart, by the front hedge.  The cart and buildings behind are long gone, but the hedge is still there!

Edwin and Mary Wells and their children. c. 1900

Above left, a recent find on Ebay, quickly snapped up and reunited with two others which have remained in the family.  It came from a dealer in Devon.  We don't know where it has been, how long it has been away, or how it got there.  Home again!

William Edwin Wells was the great-grandfather of Anthony Wells.  He died in 1923, making these brasses over 100 years old.

Totteridge Farm, probably late 1800s

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Totteridge Farm



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