Totteridge Farm, 1932

View from Martinsell Hill

View from a drone, 2017

Going baling, 2015

Holly in the bluebells

Caroline and her sheep.

Free range turkeys in the garden.

View from a drone, 2017

Totteridge Farm in May

The Flying Scotsman passing through, 2017

Muttley and his pigs, 2010

Self-barbecueing guinea fowl!

David Wells making cider, 2014

Fresh eggs daily!

F Wells & Sons

Totteridge Farm



Wiltshire      SN9 5LF

Telephone: 01672 562650

Camping and General Enquiries:  07917 573407  (Caroline)

Contracting:  07443 507422  (Muttley)

Updated February 2021