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Lawn Farm Shop Walk

Head out along the farm track to the road, and cross over into the fields opposite (A).  Go straight ahead, with the heap of earth, and subsequently the hedge, on your right hand side.  When you reach the end of this hedge (B), turn left, following the hedgerow between the two fields leading up the brow keeping the hedge on your left. 

Follow the hedge line up to the far corner of the field (C), where the footpath goes through a gap into the next field, and leads down a new hedgerow to the road and some houses (D).

There's a stile leading you out on to the road straight ahead of you, but if you go to your right, there is also a gate directly opposite the Lawn Farm road (E), where it's safer to cross.  Now just follow the farm road for half a mile to the farm buildings, where the shop is located.

If you want a different route back, you can follow the lane back to the bottom of Milton Lilbourne village, and back along the pretty village main street, following the road all the way back to your van or pod - this might be a good option in wet weather, when the fields can be muddy.

LFS WalkMap.jpg
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